We Await: Live EP.

Puchi Colón is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, musician, and producer who has been performing Christian Latin music for over a decade. He is well known for his cross-cultural style of music that includes elements of Latin Jazz, Tropical, Salsa, and Gospel music. His albums have been well received by both English and Spanish speaking audiences. Puchi just released a brand new, live EP titled We Await. We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks from this new project which contains five new Gospel/CCM anthems that will work with worship teams of all sizes, including those that utilize a worship choir.

"Yeshua" exalts God with a spirit of thanksgiving, and praises Him for all that He is. Proclaiming our faith in Him and acknowledging His sovereignty, the chorus declares, "Your name is Jesus/Your name is Jesus/Lion of Judah/King of all Kings/You’re the savior of the whole world, Yeshua." “Let All the People Praise Him” invites followers of all nations to worship as one. Based on Psalm 67, the lyrics declare, “Let all the people praise Him/Let all the people praise Him/Let every nation shout His name.”

“In Your Presence" is another beautiful song on the album that recognizes God's authority over all and offers up a heart of surrender. The chorus prayerfully yields all that we are to Him; "We wait on You/Yes we wait on You/ Our hearts wide open/Reveal Your glory." “Living Well” is yet another powerful song, declaring not only who God is, but that which only He can provide. Drawing inspiration from John chapter 4, the lyrics proclaim, “Great is Your faithfulness/Great is Your Kindness/You’re the Living Well/Great is Your Mercy/Love everlasting/You’re the Living Well.” The album's title track, “We Await," pours out worship to Jesus with great anticipation and unity in the body, opening with soft reverence and building with great passion. The lyrics are simple, allowing worshipers to bring their most heartfelt praise to Him as they declare, "Give us the access/Show us the way/The joy of Your Presence/Lord we await”.

Pick up the worship-leading resources for We Await and download your copy of the EP today on iTunes!